BlackTop Sky


After police rough up a street vendor near the David L. Hynn Housing Projects, Ida takes an interest in the homeless man who sleeps on a nearby bench. When an unlikely friendship emerges, will it strengthen her connection to home or drive her away in search of a new life? The Chicago Premiere of BlackTop Sky, from celebrated playwright Christina Anderson, examines the intersection of love, violence and seduction inside an institution with a haunting Chicago legacy: the public housing project.

Kristin E. Ellis as Ida
Julian Parker as Klass
and Eric Lynch as Wynn

"He had this pocket radio that he kept close to his ear. He was holdin' it up like this, like he’s holdin' on to a lil’ bird. And that bird is singin' some kind of sweet song. He had this pocket radio that he kept close to his ear. A song he’s tryin' to keep all to himself. Antonio was straight up mindin' his own business."

"...really exciting...the performances are so spectacular..." - WBEZ

"RECOMMENDED...a compelling look at community in crisis..." - Newcity Stage

"This dynamic, urgent urban poem tells the story of three characters whose dreams for a better life yearn to break through the walls of the world they've been given. Come join Theatre Seven at the Steppenwolf Garage for a thrilling and important Chicago story."

RECOMMENDED...a cry from the urban heart" - Chicago Sun-Times

"I want a nice place.
Lots of windows.
Lots of light. I want to see the sky.
I want a view. Not just staring into the side of another building."

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Director: Cassy Sanders
Production Manager: Jennifer McClendon
Stage Manager: Taylor Fenderbosch
Scenic Design: Lizzie Bracken
Sound Design: Christopher M. Laporte
Props Design: Toni Kendrick
Lighting Design: Lee Keenan
Costume Designer: Brenda Winstead
Technical Director: Christopher Kristant
Asst. Lighting Designer: Emma Deane
Asst. Stage Manager: Allaina Blackwell
Asst. Stage Manager - Zavarie Irons
Asst. Stage Manager - Cordie Nelson
Sound Board Op.- Rachel Speare
Asst. Director & Dramaturgical Asst. - Paige Collins
Dramaturgical Asst. & Community Outreach - Isabel Ellison
Understudies: Marjie Southerland, Dominique Worsley